Friday, 31 August 2012

By royal command - an upcycled handbag, Ma'am?

When it comes to fashion trendsetters you'd be forgiven for thinking the Queen would be hard pushed to keep up with the likes of Kate her super-stylish granddaughter-in-law. Well, looks (and age) can be deceiving! Even in her eighties, the Queen has a midas touch capable of knocking the socks off many a young celebrity fashionista.

During the Jubilee weekend, the Queen caused a website to crash and prompted a spell of frenzied 140-character tweeting too. And it seems all the commotion was to do with her arm. Or more to the point, what was on her arm. Because it was the Queen's collection of Launer handbags that stole the show. Three bespoke bags from the British designer got an outing during the weekend of celebrations. And that's all it took for sales of Launer handbags to go through the roof, in fact their sales have seen a 58% increase since the Jubilee weekend.

It's not a one-off either. The majesty midas touch has happened before for the London-based Launer who create four new designs for the Queen every year. The royal wedding last year wasn't just about the pageantry, the romance, the balcony kiss or for that matter, the rear curves of a certain bridesmaid. Even Beatrice's fascinator struggled to keep up with the unfolding royal wedding fashion phenomena - the Queen's handbag. The top-handled cream calfskin handbag set in train a 60% hike in sales for Launer. And it seems her effect rippled through the generations too, with 20% of those sales coming from the under-50 age group.

The Magnolia Handbag
We're not too sure how our brand identity might be affected, but who knows what might happen if her majesty sported an upcycled or fairly traded bag. We think the Alchemy Goods Magnolia upcycled handbag is right up her horse guards parade... It would certainly catapault sustainable fashion design into the spotlight and I for one would be very happy to have a celebrity octogenerian endorsing our onfriday range of ethical bags. We're up for it, your majesty, are you..?

If you'd like to find out more, click here for a closer look at the upcycled Alchemy Goods Magnolia Handbag. It's made from bike inner tubes and car seatbelts, cool...